We use ocean data and machine learning

to predict weather 3 weeks to 9 months ahead
more accurately than anyone else

What We Do

Weather Forecasts Worth Their Salt

At Salient, we use ocean data (such as sea surface salinity readings) and machine learning to predict precipitation and temperature from 3 weeks to 9 months ahead.


We predict heat and cold waves, floods and droughts far in advance so you can plan for what's coming. Backed by peer-reviewed research and engineered with cutting-edge machine learning, our technology enables better decision-making for a wide range of industries.


Customers use Salient's forecasts for diverse applications across agriculture, energy and utilities, insurance, finance and commodities, retail, natural disaster planning and beyond.

Raymond Schmitt, PhD
Co-Founder, President
  • 40-year career in physical oceanography research and technology

  • Scientist Emeritus, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

  • NASA Earth Science Advisory Committee

  • >100 refereed publications, >10k citations, h-index 48


Sam Levang, PhD
Co-Founder, Chief Scientist
  • Ph.D. Climate and Ocean Science, MIT/WHOI Joint Program

  • NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow (NESSF)

  • Expert in the global water cycle and its shifts with climate change



Forecasts 3-5 weeks ahead.


1-4 Months ahead.


4-9 months or further ahead.


The Science

Why Salient Produces The Most Accurate Forecasts Ever

Our models focus on the ocean and land surface, which control seasonal weather patterns. The oceans drive the global water cycle, and they are rich in data that inform precipitation and temperature conditions over land.

Salient's machine learning platform avoids the bottlenecks of physics-based models, which must solve the chaotic atmosphere.

Drawing insights from historical conditions and future trends, from machine learning and physical models, our models produce the best long-range forecasts available. Our models have been independently validated in the US Bureau of Reclamation's "Subseasonal Forecast Rodeo", winning top prize for the most accurate rainfall forecasts.


Machine Learning Engineer

Work on solving some of the most complex, impactful problems in weather and climate science!

Founding Head of BD

Work on solving some of the most complex, impactful problems in weather and climate science!


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