Industry-specific analytics on business-critical timescales.

Salient delivers accurate forecasts on timescales that used to be not much better than a coin flip. Our climate insights help enterprise customers optimize performance, mitigate risk, improve resiliency, and plan initiatives—weeks, months, or even up to a year in advance. Imagine what you could accomplish if you could see further into the future.


We work with agribusiness and chemical companies to help drive more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices, and achieve better results:

  • Market optimal seeds and plan sales operations for upcoming growing seasons

  • Select appropriate crop inputs, distribution and timing of applications

  • Forecast accurate agricultural yields for trading and pricing


As climate change causes weather conditions to become increasingly volatile, Salient helps energy and utility companies assess and plan for factors that impact supply, demand, distribution, and network operations:

  • Quantify thermal generation needs based on renewable supply forecasts for hydro, wind and solar

  • Forecast energy demand (CDD and HDD) and potential demand-response events

  • Determine optimal timing for asset maintenance scheduling


From planning to investing, underwriting and more, accurate seasonal forecasts help organizations make informed financial decisions with far-reaching impacts:

  • Underwrite property and other insurance policies with greater confidence

  • Create increasingly flexible year and sub-year risk transfer products

  • Generate alpha in commodity trades based on enhanced accuracy

Supply Chain / Logistics

In a world driven by just-in-time inventory, global suppliers depend on accurate forecasts to keep goods flowing and business moving. Salient helps:

  • Optimize shipping conditions for transport of perishable goods

  • Price cargo based on transportation constraints (e.g., river levels)

  • Produce and stock appropriate products and supplies based on key weather variables

Salient Acceleration Services

Our scientific and business experts love collaborating with customers to accelerate new analytics, and uncover new ways to leverage the world’s most accurate forecasts. Together, we’ll help your organization drive profitability—and be better prepared for the future.

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