The most accurate seasonal insights. Made easy to use.

Salient delivers forecasts for precipitation, temperature, and other weather variables at up to 1/4° (25km) spatial resolution. Our models provide global coverage and can be customized to include optimized predictors and accuracy for smaller regions. Salient’s forecasts also serve as the foundation for powerful industry-specific analytics that help drive profitability and better business outcomes.

Industry Analytics

Forecast timescales

Our subseasonal-to-seasonal forecasts are issued on a weekly basis. Long-range forecasts are issued every month.

  • Sub-seasonal forecasts

    1-5 weeks

  • Seasonal forecasts

    1-30 days, 31-60 days, and 61-90 days

  • Long-range forecasts

    1-3 months, 4-6 months, 7-9 months, and 10-12 months

Interface options

We provide forecasts for a wide range of weather variables, and a variety of ways to interact with them.

  • Decision tools

    Salient shortens your time to insight by coupling our forecasts and industry analytics to decision tools including threshold alerts, recommendations, and more.

  • Map interface

    Salient’s web-based interface includes forecast maps, probability plots, historical performance graphs, and comparison forecasts at multiple spatial and temporal scales.

  • APIs

    We provide raw forecast data in gridded NetCDF format through APIs that can be integrated into digital products, dashboards and virtually any forecasting tool.

Screenshot of the Salient Predictions API

Our methodology

Salient’s models are built on new insights into ocean and land data, research-based weather analysis techniques, and deep neural network architectures that we are relentlessly iterating and improving upon.

  1. Billions of climate predictors

    We employ global datasets of ocean, land, and atmospheric data to gain a unique and more robust picture of the factors that actually drive seasonal weather patterns.

  2. Extracting predictability

    Our model is continuously updated with recent climate observations, and integrates outputs of numerical models like GFS and ECMWF.

  3. Always learning and improving

    We are constantly testing and adjusting our models, and integrating the latest breakthroughs in machine learning to improve our forecasts and skill.

  4. Quantitative evaluation of risk

    Our forecasts include probabilistic distributions of outcomes to provide a comprehensive view of risks and the likelihood of extreme events.

  5. Explaining physical connections

    Salient is breaking ground in describing clear and non-obvious physical “teleconnections” in our machine learning model outputs.

  6. Industry-specific analytics

    We extract industry-specific forecasts to deliver meaningful insights to enterprise customers, covering a variety of formats and variables.

Rigorous backtesting for unbeatable accuracy

Salient offers a 30-year library of backtesting data that allows customers to validate our results and understand the true potential of our models.  We use a rigorous cross-validation methodology to ensure our models perform well across the full spectrum of seasonal weather conditions. All forecasts are backed by a large probabilistic ensemble which reveals the range of potential weather outcomes for a given period.

Salient Acceleration Services

Our scientific and business experts love collaborating with customers to accelerate new analytics, and uncover new ways to leverage the world’s most accurate forecasts. Together, we’ll help your organization drive profitability—and be better prepared for the future.

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