September 11, 2023

September 11, 2023

Salient Expands Partnership with University of Oklahoma’s School of Meteorology




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Salient Predictions, a world leader in delivering accurate and reliable subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) forecasts, has further strengthened our team with the addition of climate scientist Dr. Ty Dickinson.

A recent PhD graduate of University of Oklahoma’s (OU) world-renowned School of Meteorology, Dickinson has conducted extensive research on S2S extreme rainfall events. That is particularly relevant to Salient’s goal of improving S2S forecasting accuracy beyond two weeks in advance, thus helping society make better-informed decisions in a variety of industries including energy, agriculture, and insurance.

“I’m very excited and honored to join Salient,” Dickinson said. “It’s a great opportunity to apply my graduate academic work directly to real-world applications.” 

Dr. Ty Dickinson, Climate Scientist

Dickinson’s onboarding extends a growing relationship between Salient and OU’s School of Meteorology. It also fulfilled a prediction that Dr. Jason Furtado, head of the university’s Applied Climate Dynamics Group, as well as Dickinson’s academic advisor, made when he joined Salient’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) in 2022. “Given the strong alignment to Salient’s mission, I am excited to join as an advisor,” Furtado said at the time. “I believe the collaboration will yield exciting opportunities for University of Oklahoma meteorology students to apply their expertise in the private sector.”

Salient Co-Founder and CEO Matt Stein noted that Dickinson was an obvious fit. “The Salient team was excited from the moment they met Ty,” Stein said. “His area of expertise is well-aligned with Salient’s priorities, and we are happy to provide a stimulating onramp into the professional world.”

Dickinson’s addition also extends Salient’s geographic footprint and corporate outreach. As part of Salient’s recent equity investment from EIC Rose Rock and a non-dilutive grant from the Rose Rock Bridge Program, Ty will be based in Tulsa, with easy access to Rose Rock’s corporate energy partners. “We are thrilled to welcome Ty and help the Salient team bring high-tech, energy-related jobs to Tulsa,” said David Clouse, Managing Director of the EIC Rose Rock fund. “Rose Rock’s corporate energy partners are already benefiting from working directly with Ty and the Salient team to develop products and solutions that incorporate more accurate, long-term weather forecasts into their operational risk models.”

The Rose Rock connection is further evidence of the growing synergy between Salient and OU’s School of Meteorology. “Partnering with private-sector enterprises is an increasingly important strategic pillar for our program,” said Dr. Cameron Homeyer. “That’s why I am excited to see partnerships like what’s emerging between Salient and Dr. Furtado’s lab.”  

For Salient Co-Founder and President Dr. Ray Schmitt, it’s another step toward developing a more sophisticated approach to S2S forecasting. “Predicting extreme weather events beyond two weeks is challenging,” Schmitt said. “With Ty’s joining the team, we are deepening Salient’s relationship with Dr. Furtado and OU, which is at the leading edge of these scientific developments. That can only strengthen us as we strive to meet those challenges.”


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