February 28, 2022

February 28, 2022

Welcome Matt Stein to Salient!

Dr. Ray Schmitt



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We’re excited to announce that industry veteran Matt Stein has joined the Salient team as CEO and co-founder. Matt comes to Salient from Jupiter Intelligence, where he led the global commercial organization to become a world leader in climate risk intelligence.

"We are thrilled that Matt has joined us at Salient. We needed a CEO who not only understands Salient's domain, but who can also bring enterprise business experience, and is accustomed to working closely with a highly technical team,” said Dr Ray Schmitt, President and Co-Founder.  

 In his words, the three reasons Matt joined Salient were team, technology, and market:

  • Team: “The team has a great positive energy, scientific depth and credibility from MIT and Woods Hole,  engineering and data science prowess, and fantastic investors.”
  • Technology: “Salient’s forecast skill consistently outperforms the market and continued investment in machine learning methods will make it even better.”
  • Market: “The 2-52 week time horizon is nested within the longer 30+ year view of most climate analytics providers. As companies build their climate risk strategies, the 2-52 week range is the most important for business. It’s the timeframe of insurance policies, growing seasons, energy purchases, shipping transit times, etc. The market for Salient’s product is nearly unbounded.”

Salient puts scientific knowledge to work to help people and organizations better understand and prepare for the increasing volatility of climate change. With Matt at the helm, we’re more excited than ever to advance our mission making a positive societal impact in the face of a changing climate.

A full press release is available here:

We are always looking for bright, collaborative, self-motivated, and outcomes-oriented individuals to join our team. If our mission resonates with you, please reach out for one of our open roles:


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